Virtual run

The Serengeti Safari Marathon Virtual Run 2024 is a wonderful initiative that combines fitness, wildlife stewardship, and community support. Hosting a virtual run is our way to engage people from around the world while also contributing to the local area near the Serengeti ecosystem.

Here’s are some key points you need to know:

  1. Event Name: Serengeti Safari Marathon Virtual Run 2024 (16th November, 2024)
  2. Primary Goal: Supporting better livelihoods in the surrounding areas of the Serengeti ecosystem through the theme of wildlife stewardship.
  3. Registration Cost: $150 USD per participant.
  4. Participation: The virtual aspect allows people from various locations to participate, promoting inclusivity and global engagement.
  5. Participant Benefits: Participants receive a medal and a t-shirt.
  6. Shipment: Medals and t-shirts are shipped to participants based on their location, with the shipping cost covered by the participant.
  7. Cause: The marathon aligns with the cause of wildlife conservation and supporting local communities, which can have a positive impact on both the environment and the people living nearby.
  8. Virtual Format: Participants can complete the marathon at their own pace, in their own locations, and track their progress using running apps or devices and share to .
  9. Community Engagement: Our target is to raise awareness about the Serengeti ecosystem, wildlife conservation, and the importance of sustainable practices and also support the local economy by involving people and generating interest in the area through tourism.
  10. Fundraising: In addition to the registration fees, participants are politely requested to donate to further support the cause.
  11. Registration: Please register though this link Serengeti Safari Marathon Virtual Run 2023
  12. Impact Measurement: After the event, we will share how the funds raised and positively affected the local community and contributed to wildlife conservation efforts.

Overall, the Serengeti Safari Marathon Virtual Run 2023 is the potential and impactful event that brings together people who care about both fitness and the environment.

Karibu Sana