Sponsors & Partners are organisations which provide their sponsorship to Serengeti Safari Marathon in kind by delivering the services or goods which are very essential and SSM would need to pay or buy them in cash. The event has a number of partners due to its nature of operation (non-profit) and location where it’s taking place.

Sponsors & Partners

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is another Partner due to its function of promoting tourism in the country including Sports Tourism. TTB offers the Organisers platforms to market and promote Serengeti Safari Marathon through a number of social media pages sharing, local and international tourism fairs and press conferences to mention few.

Runners/Participants  makes this event possible as without them it won’t happen. A huge number of tourist-runners from all over East Africa and world in general are the most important partners (product consumers) as SSM works directly with them.

De-snaring Project beginning 2021 event, will receive a total of Tshs. 2,500/= from each registered runner to contribute for supporting conservation efforts. De-snaring Project  is a privately managed initiation by Tanzania Tourism and Hospitality Operators under Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) to rescue wild animals in Serengeti from wild meat business illegally conducted by the communities around Serengeti National Park. The funds collected from each runner will be directed to the project through a bank deposit and slip to be submitted to FZS for the project operations.

Fourth President of The United Republic of Tanzania  was requested by Serengeti Safari Marathon on the 14 th  November 2020 to become the Permanent Advisor of the event and he happily agreed. This request was made through the fact that he is the leading among the Presidents who promotes tourism in the country at all times.
 Hon. Dr. Jakaya M. Kikwete

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