The local and international tourists, Conservators, Environmentalists, Government Officials, Private Sector Officers, NGOs and individuals are among the groups which forms a big part of this event together with the excited surrounding communities.

Attracted Crowd!

These groups form a good mix of Elite Athletes, Joggers, Cyclists, Sports Fans, Celebrities, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Regional/District Commissioners, Chief Executive Officers and many people from the Lake Zone areas of Tanzania and neighbouring countries. A huge crowd is mostly seen from EAC and SADDEC Blocks, Africa, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Spanish speaking countries, Germany and India to mention a few. All these people are invited through local and international tourism exhibitions under TTB, Social Media pages, Door-to-Door Visits to different local and international athletic associations and social groups.

The participants benefit from the mother nature by running while enjoying the game viewing together with a number of worldwide cultures coming together for Serengeti Safari Marathon. A number of famous people and celebrities worldwide are participating in all Serengeti Safari Marathon events.

Special Groups of participants makes this event more fun and unique. These groups are formed by; Groups of Athletes, Jogging groups, Gym membership groups, NGOs, Corporate groups, Overland trucks groups, Colleges, Universities, Primary/Secondary school students and Families. A unique diversified cultural experience is made from the mix of Foreigners, Expatriates and East Africans all together.

❤️❤️❤️ fantastic marathon!!!

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