Serengeti Safari Marathon (website url address: http://serengetisafarimarathon.or.tz) appreciates your business and trust. Serengeti Safari Marathon is a unique opportunity for different companies/organisations and other stakeholders in general to contribute in the promotional efforts for youth talents in athletics, elite athletes, awareness on the climate change effects, nature conservation, international and domestic tourism whilst communicate with the public on their respective products/services.


Serengeti Safari Marathon (SSM) is the most unique event in the world of athletes, joggers, tourists and general public as it’s the only marathon in Tanzania which is conducted inside the Serengeti National Park. The marathon is organised by private individuals who are gurus in events organisation in the field of Conservation and Tourism in partnership with their main partners; Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB).

The event is falling under the category of, “Sports Tourism”. It’s the dream of he organisers to see this concept expanding into other activities and attractions in the efforts of promoting the category in “Destination Tanzania”. The organisers are quite happy with the growth of this segment as seen other organisers conducting a marathon this year inside Burigi-Chato National Park of which the end result is the high impact in the tourism sector in the country. This is a new activity which is included in the safari itineraries for Tour Operators. Our international runners are linked to all Tour Operators Associations (TATO, HAT, KIATO, TACTO, TTGA) websites in Tanzania to choose their preferred safari company.

Starting Point is located inside Serengeti National Park along the road from Seronera to Ndabaka Gate covering four (4) categories of races. The races will combine both rough and tarmac terrains with different routes each one with large part conducted inside the Serengeti National Park. All races are running towards the shores of Lake Victoria with Finishing Point at Ndabaka Gate.

The marathon is attracting runners and spectators from all areas of East Africa and the whole world in general. The international and local tourists are getting an exceptional platform to experience the amazing nature and tourists’ attractions found in Tanzania. SSM Team is working together with other Partners in the form of Sponsorship in making this event a very successful one in achieving their core objective of improving Sports, Business, Conservation and Tourism Awareness locally and globally. 

There are four (4) race categories that are undertaken;

I. Full Marathon – 42.2 Kilometres.

II. Half Marathon – 21.1 Kilometres.

III. Executives Run – 10.0 Kilometres.

IV. Fun Run – 5.0 Kilometres.


Serengeti Safari Marathon will take place in the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serengeti National Park. The nearest towns of Lamadi, Busega, Bunda, Bariadi, Musoma and Mwanza will be the major hosts of thousands and thousands of runners and fans.

The marathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 13 th  November, 2021 . 


The event includes a number of activities far from the races and this is in the efforts to promote the welfare of the people of Lake Zone especially Simiyu and Mara Regions. These activities are spicing up this event and also push the awareness of the surrounding communities to the next level. Briefly below are he activities which are conducted during the 2021 event and more will be added as it grows. 

Running: this is the major activity of this event whereby it attracts a number of runners every year from all over the world to come and run inside Serengeti National Park and The Great Lake Victoria. There is a huge motivation of Tanzanians as of recent years to use marathons as their gear for being fit health wise. To participate in any marathon, you need quite a good time to exercise hence taking care of their health. SSM being a unique sports-tourism event, it’s taping this particular interest and sue it to boost domestic and international tourism in Tanzania and success have been recorded in the past three (3) years.

SSM Tourism Fair: this is an exhibition which is organised by Serengeti Safari Marathon to promote domestic tourism and activate more the Lake Zone business and trading opportunities. It’s a platform for Government, Lake Zone Regions, Organisations, Companies, Social groups and individuals to showcase what they have to share with opportunity seekers from all over the world. This idea was developed by the Organisers after observed different new businesses from the event participants emerging. It’s a clear fact that a huge number of the participants are coming from a well exposed and business-oriented experiences who need to see and understand all the available opportunities in the Lake Zone Regions.

Conservation Talk: a number of efforts are in place to promote conservation in all protected areas including Serengeti National Park. Conservationists are always attending this event and be given an opportunity to talk and educate the surrounding communities as well as the rest of the participants from all corners of Tanzania and world in general. De-snaring project under Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) will give a talk on the progress and future plans of the project. There will be a separate tent for conservation activities from 12th – 14th November 2021.

After Party: runners and fans always need to have fun after such a huge achievement of running couple of kilometres in the morning. This is a platform for social and business networking for all participants. The Party will happen on the evening of 13 th  November 2021 at Bunda Town. Famous Bongo Fleva Artists and Comedians will spice up the night together with a Superb DJ. 


6. Direct Benefits For Sponsors

1. Meeting a group of good income earners as to participate in this marathon means becoming

    a tourist which isn’t cheap. We have people from different corners of Tanzania travelling all

    the way Simiyu Region for this event and if they can afford these expenses, definitely these

    are you potential customers.

2. Meeting your existing business customers who will attend the event.

3. Meet many Tour Operators from safari companies, lodges, camps and conservation


4. Meet Government Officials and different CEOs of companies will be there.

5. Own an exhibition tent at the Finishing Point where you can showcase your products and talk

    face to face will your existing and potential customers.

6. Your selected Sponsorship Package you will determine the maximization of branding of your

    products and new ideas on how to best use the event in promoting yourself is most welcome.

7. Appearance in most of the in-house promotional materials (hard & soft) for the event.

8. We have t-shirts and lanyards which can also carry your logo/message.

9 . Many more other benefits from individual/corporate participants can be exploited. 


Tanzania Government through MNRT, Simiyu and Mara Regions provides huge support to this event through making sure all safety and security matters are well coordinated including providing equipment, facilities and manpower. Guidance to the event organisers in all Public related matters for the event is provided.

A number of partners is encouraged and expected to keep on joining hands with SSM Team from East Africa and the world in general in promoting this new tourism concept in Tanzania. 


Tourism Operators includes all safari companies, hotels, lodges, camps, transporters, cultural groups who all in their totality they spice up the event by organising well discounted rates for he participants to afford. It took a while before they realised that they can make money from this event through different safari packages until 2019 and more of them joined in 2020 and we’re expecting more of them this year hence growing domestic and international tourism in Tanzania.

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB)  is another Partner due to its function of promoting tourism in the country including Sports Tourism. TTB offers the Organisers platforms to market and promote Serengeti Safari Marathon through a number of social media pages sharing, local and international tourism fairs and press conferences to mention few. 

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)  is the main Partner of this event through Serengeti National Park as all race categories run from inside the park towards Ndabaka Gate. It provides all the necessary services needed for the running routes in the park to be in good condition. They give different awards (cash/material) to runners and the best winners from each category groups. Safety for the runners inside the National park is a major concern for everyone and they make sure every year this function is well conducted through their team of well-trained para-military rangers who lines up on both sides of the road from starting point to Ndabaka Gate.